Women’s Online Business and Leadership Mentoring Program Will Attend the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative

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Seattle, WA – September 22, 2014 – Gail Romero, CEO and co-founder of Collective Changes, an online mentoring program for women small- to medium-sized enterprise business owners and entrepreneurs, will attend the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). Throughout the event, Romero will interview world leaders such as Prof. Mohammed Yunus founder of Grameen, Amir Dossal of Global Philanthropy Forum, David Stephens of Concero Connect and Cheri e Blair of Cherie Blair Foundation on gender economics, women’s leadership and the need for mentoring women in business. CGI will occur in New York City on September 22-24, 2014.

Gail Romero, CEO and co-founder of Collective Changes

Gail Romero, CEO and co-founder of Collective Changes

“Since 2007 we have attended CGI and found the workshops and networking opportunities valuable for developing strategies that improve gender economics worldwide. This year, we will conduct video interviews highlighting women’s leadership efforts that help promising women grow profitable businesses. Afterwards, we will share the clips on the Collective Changes website and social media channels, as well as our own Collective Changes YouTube channel” said Romero.

“We want women around the world to see and hear stories about other women leaders, ideas, concepts and challenges that help them become more engaged and successful,” said Michelle Wicmandy, CMO for Collective Changes.

At last year’s event, Collective Changes connected with Concero Connect, a global low-cost Internet service provider. With the UN International Telecommunications Union and the Universal Postal Union, Concero Connect will supply 2,650 South African post offices with connectivity in the next year. Ultimately, the goal is to supply service to over 500,000 regional and local post offices and reach nearly 2.5 billion adults, or roughly one-third of the world’s population, who lack access to credit, education and technology.

“With connectivity, we can launch our ‘Hub in a Box’ and reach millions of women entrepreneurs who need business education, leadership skill development, professional networks and one-on-one mentoring,” said Romero. With access to resources, women have a greater chance of growing thriving businesses that build communities, improve households and reduce gender-based violence.

Collective Changes needs volunteer mentors, business people who can donate services or staff, and donations. For more information and videos on leadership and mentoring, visit  http://www.CollectiveChanges.net.

About Collective Changes
Collective Changes, a nonprofit with offices in Seattle, helps women become strong leaders and financially independent which results in stronger communities. Its goal is to provide online training and mentoring to more than 1 million women woman around the world by 2020 and give them the same business opportunities as men.

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