Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) provide answers to some of the questions most commonly asked by our mentees, mentors, and corporations. To better serve you, our FAQs are organized by audience.


How much of my employees’ time will being a mentor take?
Mentoring can take as little as 15 minutes per week (or 1 hour per month) to review paperwork and/or direct the mentee on where to access resources to accomplish the next step. We are not asking mentors to do the mentee’s work but to act as a guide. This means directing the mentee to resources and pointing out areas of weakness as most people do not recognize their own blind spots.
In most cases, the relationship will evolve into a friendship that includes casual conversations beyond the mentoring.

Are mentors restricted to women?
No. Businessmen, businesswomen and senior-level or master’s level university business students are encouraged to become mentors.

What will any funding be used for?
Funding is used for a variety of purposes including operations, marketing, travel, opportunities to engage more corporations (seminars, networking events, and conferences) training of mentors, translation of materials to numerous languages, technology, software updates, program management, new curricula development and other important aspects of delivering the #1 mentoring programming and leadership skills in the world. Funders have the opportunity to dedicate their funds to specific aspects of our programming including scholarships for mentees, leadership training, sponsorship for events and other programming. If restrict funds are desired to be provided a specific “Restricted Funds Agreement” must be in place before the funds can be accepted.

What kind of promotion will my company get?
Free Membership: Receive our newsletter, become members of our LinkedIn group Collective Changes,and join us at regional, national and international events with membership discounts.
• $50 Donation: Receive all of the Free Membership benefits and support 2 women in the mentoring program.
• $100 Donation: Receive all of the Free Membership benefits and support 4 mentees in a developing nation.
• $1,000 Donation: Receive all of the Free Membership benefits plus get noted in the annual report, listed on the website, and get interviewed.
• $5,000 Donation: Receive all of the Free Membership benefits plus get noted in the annual report, listed on the website, and get interviewed. Included is framed Corporate Global Ambassador Certificate that can be displayed in the corporate awards case or other placement of significance.
• $10,000 Donation: Corporate partners are featured on our website and in our Collective Changes online magazine in addition to the above.
• $25,000 Donation and above includes all of the above and will entitle the individual or corporation to some naming rights for scholarships, fellowships or other as determined by agreement.

What does membership mean and what are the benefits?
Membership includes
• access to women’s business and leadership information,
• updates on global events and information through online magazine,
• event notification and reduced fees
• newsletter
• knowledge and supporting the mission in that you are gaining information about the plight of women in emerging markets and business sectors that have enormous obstacles to overcome to become successful
• supporting us financially in our Amazon Store where your purchases can impact women’s access to business education as a portion of all your purchases are remitted back to Collective Changes by Amazon to support women’s economic empowerment and leadership development.
• becoming Global Ambassadors of Collective Changes by signing the agreement online and printing out the Global Ambassador certificate.

What are the risks involved in supporting you?
• There are not risks to be involved with Collective Changes
• We are a 501 c3 organization that is dedicated solely to providing women access to business skills, education and mentoring opportunities as well as growing leadership skills
• Collective Changes is dedicated to reducing gender based violence, increasing national GDP and supporting social, political and economic stability through jobs creation and leadership development.

What else do you need besides mentors and money?
• We need people who believe in the mission and vision of growing women’s businesses, economic empowerment and leadership skills
• Social media partners who can use various twitter, Facebook, group pages and other less know international media in support of the mission, vision and outreach to various audiences
• Promotional assistance to various governments, ngos, academic institutions and networks to attain, engage and grow our mentoring participants.
• Personal coaches that can offer their skills to mentors and graduates of the program
• Companies that can provide incentives for answering surveys and becoming mentor or group leaders
• Content providers around leadership and business skills
• IT professionals who can upload content
• Travel vouchers such as hotel, airlines, auto and food
• Publishing expertise for our books and training materials
• Assessments that are provided free or at a greatly reduced cost
• Graphic and video editing support
• Printing and copying support
• PR and writing skills
• Guest bloggers
• Good translators
• Forum leaders who can grow the internal forum conversation for mentees and also the mentor peer to peer groups


What kind of background are you looking for in mentors?
• Entrepreneurs who can share their own experience and guidance
• Professionals in different sectors such as agriculture, services, technology, engineering, financial services, coaching,
• MBAs who are looking to grow their resume as they also give back
• Senior-level business students
• Professional business leaders with experience
• Moms or mature women who are taking time out for family but want to stay connected to a network of women engaged in learning and growing
• Retired individuals with life experience and wisdom that can share time and learning

Are there specific professions desired?
Professionals with backgrounds in:

Accounting Commercial design Communications
Engineering Finance General management
Graphics Human resources International business
Inventory management IT Marketing
Math Organizational behavior Psychology (business, h/r, marketing)
Retail Science Supply chain


The mentor does not need to work in any of the fields they are mentoring for – but needs to be able to guide the mentee to find the necessary resources that will assist them in completing their business plans, understand financial literacy, grow business language and engage in the peer-to-peer and business forums where specific information can be found from the experts.

Are there specific countries desired?
Global however the first full major nations that will open in large numbers are:
• India
• South Africa
• United States

How do mentors get trained and how long does that take?
Built within the software system are mentor training modules that provide information and overviews of how the software can be used as well as the following:
• Avoiding miscommunication issues
• Communication strategies
• Cultural awareness
• Mentoring etiquette
• Roles and responsibilities

Within the mentoring platform, Chronus offers online collaboration areas for private conversations between the mentor and mentee, open forums for casual peer-to-peer group discussions, and email. Mentors and mentees are also encouraged to join our LinkedIn community to stay current with Collective Changes news.

How much time is involved?
The minimum time commitment is approximately 15 minutes per week, or one hour per month, for 6 months. However, this may vary based on the mentee’s skill and knowledge level. We assume that as the mentor / mentee relationship evolves that conversations will become richer and each party will devote more time than the minimum requirement.

How do you handle language issues?
The World Bank/IFC SME toolkit offers training materials in 18 different languages. This allows those who would like to study in their own language but practice their second or tertiary language the opportunity to stretch but find resources that are more fully integrated for them.

How long is the required commitment?
The minimum commitment is 6 months. If the mentor or mentee are not happy within their relationship they have the option to find others that will work more effectively with them or be more flexible for time, which is the usual reason that mentees and mentors have difficulty. Mentees can be 12 or 13 hours difference and this sometimes does promote conflicts in connections.


Can I request the type of person and background I think would best help me?
1. You and your mentor complete profiles on LinkedIn. We require this specific initial action as our goal is to have every participant belong to the Collective Changes LinkedIn group and to participate long-term in growing the network of women who are working in business, leadership, international collegiate conversation and growing women into strong and successfully empowered individuals. This networking will allow us to capture your significant growth and success milestones  long-term.
2. Those profiles can then be uploaded into the Chronus Mentoring Software. We will then have your LinkedIn profile to match you with possible mentors.
3. You will be introduced to possible mentors and asked to schedule times to virtually meet with several of your top choices.

Is this program restricted to businesswomen from developing countries only?
No. Our primary target audiences are women entrepreneurs with small- to medium-sized enterprises in developing countries, but we would not deny access to any businesswoman requesting business and leadership mentoring.

How do I connect with my mentor?
Within the Collective Changes mentoring portal, the mentee and the mentor connect via the built-in email program. Then, you and your mentor choose your preferred method of communication which may be skype, email or text.

What if I don’t have computer skills? No smart phone? Can I still be in the program?
You must know how to use a keyboard and have access to the internet via a digital device such as a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. It would be helpful for you to know basic Microsoft programs such as Word and Excel to compile the business plan and financial reports. You will receive our SME Toolkit that offers Credit Certification and is recognized as the entrée into the business world..

What is a typical conversation like?
Just as we all learn to develop relationships, each one is unique based on the attributes and interests of the two parties. First, you get acquainted – your families, dreams, then dive deeper into your skills and review information from the LinkedIn profile. Again, each conversation will develop depth at its own pace, but the program offers suggestions for asking questions and sharing information to help those feeling a bit intimidated.

How much time is involved?
The minimum time commitment is approximately 15 minutes per week, or one hour per month, for 6 months. However, this may vary based on your skill and knowledge level. The amount of learning and resources needed will vary by mentee. You need to be aware of the gap between your current business situation and the desired state you hope to achieve. The bigger the gap, the more time and energy you need to devote to the program to bridge this gap.

How do you handle language issues?
The mentoring website is available in several languages and can certainly be translated into other languages with the support of our Chronus Mentoring partner. Several sites are available to link to websites that can automatically translate the text – LinkedIn uses this for their global business network.

How will I measure success?
On a personal level, you can also determine what her personal goals are for mentoring. They may include anything from personal business and leadership growth to career development, integrating global perspective, learning new or enhancing current skills, building strong networks, keeping skills relevant and up to date, enhancing your resume and exploring new opportunities from life skills to building relationships.

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