Global Ambassador Certificate

The Global Ambassadors program helps build recognition and branding with leaders who have shown interest in helping women entrepreneurs. If you who would like to share our story with your peer group, it is often easier for us to give you something to put on your office wall that starts the conversation. Essentially, it is a printed “elevator pitch” that makes the conversation easier.

The Global Ambassador certificate is suitable for framing, and we have presented these certificates along with the “Global Ambassador Agreement” to women from Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, South Africa, New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada and more. People often have time, treasure or talent to “donate” to a cause that they feel is important to them personally.

To receive your global ambassador certificate, please type your name and then print.

If your browser does not support frames and you can’t complete this form, you can click here to download a PDF file of this form.

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