Collective Changes Interview World Leaders on Economic Impact of Women at CGI

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Gail Romero, CEO and co-founder of Collective Changes www.collectivechanges.economic empowerment and youth entrepreneurial leadership will head up interviews with world leaders at CGI net and Executive Producer of Rainmakers.TV, emerging leader in women’s , September 23-26th, 2013 in NYC.


“We have been attending CGI for four years with RainmakersTV, and have captured numerous stories of glowing impact.”  Along with RainmakersTV President, Stan Emert, the partners have been filming interviews with individuals and corporations who make global changes and grow political, social and economic stability in the world.  “This year Collective Changes will be concentrating on short YouTube videos around two main topics that have become central to the economic growth in the US and the world – women’s economic empowerment and youth entrepreneurial leadership impact.” says Romero.  “We have been waiting for corporations like Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women and Coca Cola’s 5 by 20 program and NGOs like Cherie Blair Foundation and Grameen Foundation to make inroads into women’s economic empowerment.  It is working! Many of the programs and commitments we have seen are gaining some ground.  Mentoring is helping women build networks and engage with professionals.    We want to concentrate specifically on telling those short stories and RainmakersTV will focus on 30 minute programming to gain more depth.”  Stan continues “Our shows, seen in 35 million homes, and a new partnership with University of Washington TV are based on a half hour program which allows us to gather a lot more detail about the issues and answers to some of the global concerns.  Between the two programming teams we will be able to offer short introductions to the players and the issues and more depth and connection to the answers.”

Gail added “Not everyone can attend to hear the speakers or share the energy.   The major networks have limited time and are not always interested in the smaller but poignant stories that can be found at CGI.  We have found a niche audience that appreciates the global efforts, good news, real change and dramatic impact that comes about at CGI.  We will be uploading the YouTube programming daily to highlight the stories behind the events to our Collective Changes YouTube Channel”

“Some of our interviews this year will include those that have been with us before” says Emert.  “We will follow up Scott Jackson from Global Impact, Cherie Blair and others who have sat with us over the years and who we have documented as they made significant changes to the world.”  “It is nice to see the leaders in the world come together to share their expertise and their stories and gain insights through each other’s experiences.  It is also a time when corporations and organizations can build collaborations – and collectively change (pun intended) the world.” adds Romero.

Collective Changes, a Seattle based global virtual mentoring program has partnered with proven technology, processes and resources to promote & develop high impact businesses and success.   IBM/World Bank’s Entrepreneurial Toolkit and Chronus Mentor Software together with the mentoring team set tasks and milestones using predictive analytics, metrics and algorithms for general data collection and intervention success.

Rainmakers.TV, a Seattle based television program focuses on global impact around the Millennium Development Goals, business with social purpose and philanthropy.


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