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The Collective Changes Mentoring Program will help you build your leadership skills and stay engaged with the business community. All we ask is for you to commit to a woman entrepreneur in an emerging country for just one hour per month for six months.  It’s a great place for women to learn leadership skills, gain business knowledge, find peer-to-peer support, network with women in a professional  atmosphere, increase your global mindset, rekindle your love of business and watch women grow their businesses and  gain freedom through their educational growth. You can even mentor more than one business woman if you desire.

Benefits are amazing for personal growth.  If you are taking time off to help family and children this is a great way to keep your head in the game and build your experience.  When you are ready to go back to work you will have built more skills and your resume as well as helped a woman in another country attain economic empowerment.

Serve as a Role Model to a Woman Entrepreneur. Sign-up Today!

– Share your knowledge and experience

– Improve your coaching, communication, and leadership skills

– Set milestones, tasks and communications plan with mentee

– Get tremendous gratification by helping a woman entrepreneur in an emerging country

– Most of all, Have fun, meet exciting women, network, grow business and leadership skills

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Fast Facts

Women entrepreneurs contribute significantly to innovation, competition, and job creation while strengthening the local and world economy. In the U.S., women own over 10.1 million firms compared to 8.6 million in 2013. Employing over 13 million people, they generate $1.9 trillion in sales.
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(Source: U.S. Census)