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In 2012, 127 million women started businesses. Most failed.

You can change that. You can bring education and technology to those who need it most - women who turn to entrepreneurship as a means of survival.

Collective Changes is revolutionizing the mentor-mentee relationship. We provide you with the networks, expertise and education to help women entrepreneurs succeed in business and become positive role models and leaders in their respective fields.

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Mentees start as learners – and soon become interns. Then, they rise to mentors and leaders themselves. This builds a solid businesswomen's network. Learn how you can
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Foundations & Corporate Partners that support women's leadership help create jobs and build the economy. Learn how your company can coach its female employees for leadership positions by mentoring nascent entrepreneurs, the company's future clients. Be part of the solution. Build your business, leadership and communications skills when you become a mentor.

Mentees Learn, Grow and Succeed. Some become mentors. Read one mentee's story Ultimate Cycle of Gratitude.

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Training and Development

Our “Women as Political Leaders” workshop, hosted by the World Affairs Council's International Visitor Program in Seattle, welcomed five South Asian women leaders to the U.S. This event taught them how to create a custom mentoring program that teaches women job skills and self-esteem at home. Read more.

Pakistani Leader Gul Lalai ‘What I’ve Learned: Gender Equality is an OngoingThe meetings boosted my confidence and enthusiasm for making change in the world. Women's empowerment is an ongoing process rather than a goal. ~ Gul Lalai, Pakistani Leader Read more.ow an Afghanistan HR Leader Uses Skills from Our Mentoring and Leadership
The workshop stressed the importance of listening, offering encouragement, and talking with more confidence.I would like to revamp society and end women's battles to gain freedom and other basic human rights.~ Zarghoona Aslami, Afghanistan HR Leader Read more.

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Fast Facts

Women entrepreneurs contribute significantly to innovation, competition, and job creation while strengthening the local and world economy. In the U.S., women own over 10.1 million firms compared to 8.6 million in 2013. Employing over 13 million people, they generate $1.9 trillion in sales. Did you know?

Women business owners employ 15.9 Americans.

Women business owners and 50/50-owned firms employ nearly 15.9 million people.

Nearly 30% of women are single when starting their business. The average age of a woman starting a business is 40.

Women business owners are more likely to employ a gender-balanced workforce.
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(Source: U.S. Census)

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