The Mentor-Mentee Relationship: A Two-Way Street

January is Mentoring Month, which reminds us to Be Someone Who Matters to Someone Who Matters

This month, we're recognizing Samara Donald, a mentor for Collective Changes. Over the course of her career, she has mentored more than 40 people ranging from school peers to corporate managers and believes teaching is in her DNA. As a teenager, Donald began mentoring within the children’s performing group where she was a member since the age of seven. Read the full story.

Thursday, January 15, 2015 is “Thank Your Mentor Day.” Mentees are encouraged to thank and honor their mentors.

Gail Romero Makes 2014 Who’s Who Women in eCommerce List

Gail Romero, CEO and Co-founder of Collective Changes, was recently added to WE Magazine's list of 2014 Who's Who Women in eCommerce. Each year, WE Magazine features 100 women who are leading organizations, growing their local economies, launching businesses, creating jobs, serving as role models and more. Read the story.

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Help An Entrepreneur Become A Thriving CEO

In 2012, 127 million women started businesses. Most failed.

You can change that. You can bring education and technology to those who need it most - women who turn to entrepreneurship as a means of survival.

Collective Changes is revolutionizing the mentor-mentee relationship. We provide you with the networks, expertise and education to help women entrepreneurs succeed in business and become positive role models and leaders in their respective fields.

Learn how you can help today.

Business Mentoring and Training Gets Results

It's a formula for almost every successful entrepreneur: Take one clever idea. Mix in grit. Add financing and combine hard work. But for women in emerging countries who lack the basics of mentors, money and moxie, that clever idea to start a business falls. Read more.

Become a Mentee, Mentor or Corporate Partner

Mentees start as learners – and soon become interns. Then, they rise to mentors and leaders themselves. This builds a solid businesswomen's network. Learn how you can
become a mentee.
Foundations & Corporate Partners that support women's leadership help create jobs and build the economy. Learn how your company can coach its female employees for leadership positions by mentoring nascent entrepreneurs, the company's future clients. Be part of the solution. Build your business, leadership and communications skills when you become a mentor.

Mentees Learn, Grow and Succeed. Some become mentors. Read one mentee's story Ultimate Cycle of Gratitude.

Have questions? Please read our Frequently Asked Question about becoming a mentee, mentor or corporate partner.

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Fast Facts

Women entrepreneurs contribute significantly to innovation, competition, and job creation while strengthening the local and world economy. In the U.S., women own over 10.1 million firms compared to 8.6 million in 2013. Employing over 13 million people, they generate $1.9 trillion in sales.
View more facts about women entrepreneurs.
(Source: U.S. Census)

Training and Development

Our “Women as Political Leaders” workshop, hosted by the World Affairs Council's International Visitor Program in Seattle, welcomed five South Asian women leaders to the U.S. This event taught them how to create a custom mentoring program that teaches women job skills and self-esteem at home. Read more.

Pakistani Leader Gul Lalai ‘What I’ve Learned: Gender Equality is an OngoingThe meetings boosted my confidence and enthusiasm for making change in the world. Women's empowerment is an ongoing process rather than a goal. ~ Gul Lalai, Pakistani Leader Read more.ow an Afghanistan HR Leader Uses Skills from Our Mentoring and Leadership
The workshop stressed the importance of listening, offering encouragement, and talking with more confidence.I would like to revamp society and end women's battles to gain freedom and other basic human rights.~ Zarghoona Aslami, Afghanistan HR Leader Read more.

Collective Changes Video

Advancing women in leadership: Gail Romero at TEDxTacoma

Gail Romero has worked for numerous organizations throughout the world to build successful missions and enhance visions with social, political and economic impact. As the founder and CEO for Collective Changes, she provides the #1 technology platform to business mentors for women's SMEs in developing nations.

Collective Changes with Jaspreet Singh and International Center for Advocacy Against Discrimination

Gail Romero interviews Jaspreet Singh of ICAAD on gender based violence and the crippling effect on women and the economy at 2014 Clinton Global Initiative.

Collective Changes with Ashish Gadnis and Asili

Gail Romero interviews Asili founder Ashish Gadnis at 2014 Clinton Global Initiative.

Ghislaine Maxwell CGI 2013

Gail Romero of Collective Changes interviews Ghisaine Maxwell of The Terramar Project on her new "national" flag for the sea. She invites all the viewers to logon to The Terramar Project to receive their passport and citizenship of the sea - to add to their own national citizenship.

Youth Entrepreneur Project UK

A short introduction to Collective Changes and the newest project in the UK - assisting young university students to become entrepreneurs to grow businesses and jobs.

WFF Growing Women Leaders

Gail Romero sits down to speak with Hattie Hill, CEO and President of WFF - Women Foodservice Forum, a group of 35,000 women in leadership changing the equity position of women in foodservice.


Gail Romero interviews Susan Davis, President and CEO of BRAC USA on the new programs and projects around the world. Newest is the Mastercard scholarship program in Uganda.

The 2014 HULT Prize at CGI

Gail Romero sits down to speak with Dean Larry Louie, Dean HULT University, from the San Francisco Campus about this years HULT Prize Dinner at CGI.

Collective Changes CSR and HR Engagement

Gail Romero, CEO and Co-founder launches the 2014 global scholarship campaign - goal is $250,000 for 1,000 women mentees to grow their businesses and jobs and 1,000 mentors to attain leadership skills and certification with CSR and HR engagement.

Collective Changes 2014 Global Scholarship Campaign

Gail Romero, CEO and Co-founder launches the 2014 global scholarship campaign - goal is $250,000 for 1,000 women mentees to grow their businesses and jobs and 1,000 mentors to attain leadership skills and certification.

Collective Changes with Joy Boulamwini - CODE of Rights

Gail Romero interviews Zamrizi founder and Rhodes Scholar at 2014 Clinton Global Initiative.