Collective Changes is leading the next generation of global technology in mentoring. Partnering with Chronus Mentor Software, we are able to do what others before have been unable to accomplish. Our predictive analytics and e-learning design make it incredibly easy and meaningful to mentor, engage, build networks, share and facilitate new learning while growing women owned businesses and jobs.

We provide a virtual global women's business mentoring program that matches mentees working in small businesses, social enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures with leadership mentors in the small business, nonprofit and corporate world. With the help of Chronus, Collective Changes is revolutionizing the mentor / mentee relationship by providing the tools, networks and expertise to help women entrepreneurs succeed in business and become positive role models and leaders in their respective fields.

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Mentors can join a peer-to-peer network all over the world.Join us and be a part of the solution. Collective Changes is looking for new mentors for our growing global mentoring programs.

Collective Changes is a provider for the IBM/World Bank Entrepreneurs Tool Kit. With the connection to the IBM Corporate Social Responsibility team in New York City, India and the UK we have successfully integrated the entire tool kit into our software and mentoring program. Learn more about our mentoring program and how you can build your leadership skills. (Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

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Mentors can join a peer-to-peer network all over the world.Mentees start in this global network as learners – and soon become interns and then become mentors and leaders themselves. This opportunity helps a network of women become a sustainable business education system and a business incubator. Learn how to become a mentee here. (Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Foundations & Corporate Partners

Foundations & Corporate Partners support efforts that empower women, grow jobs and drive economic development. Learn how your organization or company can meet its corporate social responsibility goals by mentoring its female employees for senior leadership positions or by helping nascent entrepreneurs, the company's potential clients.

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‘Ultimate Cycle of Gratitude’ Defines Best Mentee/Mentor Relationships

Mentors can join a peer-to-peer network all over the world.
Joelle P. and Dr. Carter
I’m grateful to my mentors; they helped shape and mold me into the person I am today. ~Joelle Pfeiffer

Throughout my life, I credit much of my success to the teachers, college professors, and coaches who recognized my potential and mentored me. They generously provided the structure, guidance and support necessary for me to reach major milestones and achieve success in my personal and professional life.

So, why should you seek a mentor? It’s plain and simple: most of us don’t see our own weaknesses. The mentor helps illuminate blind spots and provides insight on how your actions are holding you back from advancing or reaching your destination. Read the full story here.

Fast Facts

Entrepreneurial women are making significant contributions to innovation, competition, and job creation. They are also strengthening the local and world economy.

In the U.S. alone, women own over 10.1 million of all firms compared to 8.6 million in 2013. These firms employ more than 13 million people and generate $1.9 trillion in sales (National Association of Women Business Owners, 2014). View facts about women entrepreneurs.

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